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Partitioning for Windows 7 and Fedora 11 dual boot

Partitioning for Windows 7 and Fedora 11 dual boot

I am new to Linux and would like to install Fedora 11 on a notebook with Windows 7 already installed. Currently the HDD has 2 primary partitions (System Reserved and C:), some free space and an extended partition (D: with user data).

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Second...I know this isn't exactly what you wanted, but if you want Linux installed with Windows intact for your partitions, have you looked at Wubi? It installed Ubuntu into a file that resides inside the Windows filesystem, so you wouldn't have to worry so much about partitioning. It's a full Linux install too, no emulation.

Third, if you want to alter partitions a bit to resize or delete them, try booting Rescue Is Possible (a liveboot Linux rescue disc) with X and use gparted to alter partitions. Whenever you edit partitions, though, you run the risk of losing data! So make sure you have a backup.

Personally I think you could probably get away with having two partitions added to the notebook, a / and a swap, on top of your reserved partition and Windows partition. The /boot and / partitions are there traditionally for rescue purposes or if you overflow your storage capabilities; you should be able to boot with a rescue disk and mount the /boot partition to get to some basic state of functionality.

Another possibility is to research going with a swap file instead of a swap partition.

My advice would first be to look at Wubi which has the least chance of damaging your data, then think about not using a separate data and /boot partition (just a swap and data), then think long and hard about playing with partition schemes, in that order.

Hope that helps!"