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PDF manual of ASUS GTX 295

PDF manual of ASUS GTX 295

"I am unable to find and download the user's manual for this GFX card by ASUS:
ENGTX295/2DI/1792MD3 (it's the non-OCed version of GeForce GTX 295)"

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Guest [Entry]

"I had to undig the original package of my GFX card.

It appears that it had 3 pieces of information:

A CD with PDF documantation in many languages about the use of software/drivers
A printed guide about hardware installation for a GFX card, without specific details about the model
A leaflet of how to connect the included SPDIF cable so you can have sound output to the digital ports at the back of the GFX card (and that was what I was searching for!)

Now I know why there is nothing at the download page:
All info is general about all models."