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PDF Viewer on Windows [closed]

PDF Viewer on Windows [closed]

"I've tried Foxit and Adobe's reader, but I'm not satisfied with either.
Foxit has update nagging for non-critical junk.
Adobe PDF reader is bloatware.
Are there other options you people like?"

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The Sumatra PDF Reader is VERY lightweight and works fine.
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"Personally I highly recommend SumatraPDF as Stefan does, due to it being

open source

I have yet to see a document that it doesn't render despite how small it actually is."
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"I use Google Chrome ! It has a built in PDF reader that is OK for reading and printing, loads in a snap and using it you have less soft to install.
To enable it if you have CHrome installed, just right click any PDF, select Open with... and select CHrome choose to remember your selection. CHrome is now your default PDF reader."
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CutePDF has done it for me - it doesn't only read pdf but alse edits and creates them
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A good site to visit for a list of free PDF readers, with convenient download links, is http://pdfreadersdotorg/. As they are all free, you can just try each until you find one that suits you.