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pdftex: where to get prebuilt binaries for win32?

pdftex: where to get prebuilt binaries for win32?

I've used PDFTeX in the past, and I remember just downloading the binaries for Windows systems. Now I have a new computer and I went to download it, but there's only the source package. Where can I download a prebuild binary for win32?

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"I don't believe they are providing them any more. You might consider trying Lyx. It's a simplified Latex editor that include a pdflatex tool that does the same thing as pdftex. The Lyx windows installer is only 22 MB.

It will go out and install MikTex for you if you have no latex installed already - MikTex tops the scales at about 100 MB. There are no 'small' latex packages, primarily because of all the font files installed. Do you already have latex installed? How are you expecting to use pdftex with out a compiler to feed it??"