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Poor Flash performance on Mac OS X?

Poor Flash performance on Mac OS X?

I've been using Mac OS for almost 3 years now. What I have noticed couple of months ago, and what annoys me more and more over time, is that any Adobe Flash applications, content or adverts on website uses ridiculous amount of CPU.

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"Adobe has a beta version of Flash, v10.1 B2, which offers dramatic performance improvements to the Mac Flash clients -- particularly with video. Prior to the beta, watching an HD movie in Flash used more resources than watching a Flash HD movie in a VMWare Fusion Windows VM!

Also, make sure that the issue is in fact Flash or Java, there are a few popular Mac applications, such as the Transmission bittorrent client, which have known to cause performance issues with Snow Leopard.

Go into Applications->Utilities->Console.app and review the system console and syslog. That should help you to isolate the performance issues that you are having."