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Power socket networks: setup for home use?

Power socket networks: setup for home use?

I am planning on setting up a home network when moving into a new apartment. After much bad experience with wireless networks, I was going to go with a wired connection (with cat5's snaking through to the rooms).

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The power socket networks are horrible. I can't believe people still consider them as an option. You think you get headaches from 802.11? Wait till you install one of these power socket networks in an apartment complex with cheap wiring. Get a nice reliable router and either run CAT5 or make sure all your wireless devices take advantage of 802.11N.
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"I use Homeplug devices throughout my house (two sets of DHP-301s).

Personally, I love the technology. For me, it's been one of those rare things that just works the way it's supposed to and you don't have to think about it.

They basically just function as bridges between your different wired areas.

The performance can occasionally leave something to be desired, but as long as you're not doing huge file transfers you should be alright. The only time I have issues is trying to run multiple streams throughout the house. A single stream to an XBMC or 360 is perfectly fine for me. (Your actual throughput will depend on the quality of your household wiring however.)

For standard internet surfing, you won't have any issues.

If you're in an apartment environment though, you probably are better off running Cat5e through the walls. There's minimal work and you would get better performance. (Running Cat5 wasn't an option for me since I'm somewhat handyman-challenged and live in a three story home..)"