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Prevent elevation (UAC) for an unsigned application

Prevent elevation (UAC) for an unsigned application

I'm in the task to make a .manifest file, so Win7 does no bother me with the UAC because it is an unsigned app. (The app is old and wont be upgraded)

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Guest [Entry]

"As per my knowledge, In Vista, any app which does not have a manifest will not be elevated (but will be Virtualized). But running it will not invoke the secured desktop till you do ""Run as Administrator"".

The manifest you gave as an example will just make sure Vista knows that your app is Vista aware. ""As Invoker"" means that your app does not require Administrative Privileges. But till you make it ""Require Administrator"", it will NOT show the UAC Prompt. (I answered for Vista since I have worked n it. I think Windows 7 would behave similarly)."