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Prevent exe execution from temp internet folder

Prevent exe execution from temp internet folder

"how can i prevent exe excution from temp and internet temp folder.
we have antivirus deployed but it does not prevent exe execution from temp folder.
I have tried prog trust-no-exe http://www.beyondlogicdotorg/solutions/trust-no-exe/trust-no-exe.htm but I am having trouble deploying to multiple workstations.
a solution that can be deployed with or without group policy will be appreciated."

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Guest [Entry]

"No need to look for a third-party solution.
You can setup security policies of this level through Software Restriction Policies. Also described here.

For your case in particular, you want to run secpol.msc. I currently don't have access to Windows XP or Vista. I can't remember the exact details. They shouldn't vary much though. If you are using Windows 7, you want to then navigate to Application Control Policies -> AppLocker -> Executable Rules. You then create a new rule to disable executable execution rights on a certain path."