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Prevent Private Key Change - GPG

Prevent Private Key Change - GPG

We want to encrypt a folder using GPG, but we want to prevent a disgruntled employee from changing the private key, encrypting the folder, and then leave the company. I know you can revoke a key pair, but that's only if you know before hand that the employee is leaving.

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"I can't find any information about how to encrypt folders with GPG.

Assuming you are not yet committed to GPG, Truecrypt is an excellent open-source folder and drive encryption program which deals with this problem.

The Truecrypt FAQ describes how to reset passwords if reset by non-administrators. See the question:

We use TrueCrypt in a corporate/enterprise environment. Is there a way for an administrator to reset a volume password or pre-boot authentication password when a user forgets it (or loses a keyfile)?"