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Problem with remoted display of java applications

Problem with remoted display of java applications

I'm trying to remote display Java based development environments, such as NetBeans and IntelliJ, from a linux machine to a windows machine. When I do this, the right click functionality of the environments does not work, which makes them unusable.

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"From this post on the java.net forums it seems that there are ""incorrect insets detection when using the Xming"". The fix is to set the AWT_TOOLKIT environment variable. Explanation for why can be found on Sun's page here.


Setting this environment variable fixed all problems.
The link containing the original link has changed. See here."
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"Have you tried this other XServer tool?


I used to have issues with XMing, this one is not only faster, but solved some of those issues for me (input field becoming uneditable among them).

I'm using the free 6.2 portable version. Make sure you start your session from inside the GUI, this way you don't even have to export the display.

I hope this helps!"