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Problems with NTBackup on Windows XP SP3

Problems with NTBackup on Windows XP SP3

I am having a problem with NTBackup on Windows XP (SP3). Every time I try to run NTBackup, it freezes when it says something like "Preparing to backup via Shadow Copy" (can't remember exactly). It just freezes and after waiting for 4 hours, I had to end the process. Why is this happening? I have tried several times to get it to work, but to no avail. It only fails when BACKING UP. I checked the event log, but there are no errors, warnings or messages relating to the backup. I haven't changed anything since upgrading to SP3, before the upgrade everthing was fine. What can I do to get NTBackup working without having to unistall SP3?

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Guest [Entry]

"Recently troublshooting a backup error I checked the event logs that stated to check the backup report. I found this report in the NTbackup console under tools > report. It said ""device not found"".

My problem was NTbackup could not find the device even though it was attached and detected on the system. Upon viewing in the properties of the job in scheduled tasks tab under Run in the backup path I discovered the drive letter was incorrect.

I changed it to the corrrect drive letter and problem solved. Somehow the drive letter got changed when the user attached the second external USB drive."