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Proffesional video editor that can handle FLV? [closed]

Proffesional video editor that can handle FLV? [closed]

I tried Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and was not able to open my file (unsupported format). Media player can open it thanks to ffdshow (tryouts IIRC). Premiere doesnt seem to want to use ffdshow. I tried renaming it to AVI and hoped Premiere would open it via ffdshow but it didnt and i checked and disabled the dont use ffdshow option in ffdshow video decoder option.

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"Edit: Sorry, just read your other question that you've already tried VLC.
I'll leave this here to no-one else suggests it.

You can use VLC to transcode most formats. If you reduce it to some basic format mpeg, Adobe Premiere should probably be able to read that correctly.

Some info on transcoding through VLC from the faq."