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Random blue screen of death Windows 7 ntkrnlpa.exe?

Random blue screen of death Windows 7 ntkrnlpa.exe?

I have just installed Windows 7 32 bit. I keep having a blue screen of death. So times it happens every other week, some times it happens every other day. I have noticed that it occurs during flash videos more often, however I have noticed it occurring during other applications. I was able to run Prime95 for a good hour and a half. I am able to play games (like tf2 or prototype) without any BSODs. WhoCrashed is saying "ntkrnlpa.exe" for most of the BSODs, but some times is a different process. I have updated my bios. I have tested my ram with MEMTest with no errors. Please take a look at my dumps if you can find something else that I am missing. Thank you very much.

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"If this is a new computer, you may simply have some bad memory. Try taking out a stick for a few days (if you have two) and if it still crashes, put the other stick back in and take out the first.

If this is a computer that worked fine with a previous OS, it still could be a bad component, but less likely. Have you downloaded and installed all the manufacturers drivers, or just used the built-in Windows ones?

EDIT: I think you may have ignored my post because you mentioned running memtest. Memtest only finds some kinds of errors, so it's not a guarantee your memory is not bad. Also, Memtest can't find errors that are intermittent.

Heat can be another issue, as well, as flaky power supplies."