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Reassigning the caps lock key on Windows or OS X

Reassigning the caps lock key on Windows or OS X

How can I remap the Caps Lock key in Windows or OS X? Is there, for example, some way to map caps lock to a key combination like Alt+Tab on Windows or ⌘+Tab on OS X?

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"You need Autohotkey and this script:

;Deactive CapsLock key

Autohotkey is THE most powerful way to do this sort of thing on a WIndows PC. Also see this page for more details on re-mapping CAPS,"
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"Here's how to swap the Caps Lock key with left Ctrl:


Click Start > Run
Type ""regedit""
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout
While Keyboard Layout has focus, go to Edit > New > Binary Value
Enter ""Scancode Map"" as the name
Enter the following as the Data:

0000: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
0008: 03 00 00 00 3A 00 1D 00
0010: 1D 00 3A 00 00 00 00 00

Exit the Registry Editor
Log out and log back into Windows


Create a file in your home directory called .xmodmap if it doesn't already exist
Paste the following lines into the file:

remove Lock = Caps_Lock
remove Control = Control_L
keysym Control_L = Caps_Lock
keysym Caps_Lock = Control_L
add Lock = Caps_Lock
add Control = Control_L

Add the following line into ~/.bash_profile

xmodmap ~/.xmodmap

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I use Billy Mays Caps Lock. Now whenever I accidentally hit the Caps Lock key instead of getting frustrated I hear a quick Billy Mays pitch, which always puts a smile on my face.
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SysInternals' Ctrl2Cap will work on older Win machines, too.
Guest [Entry]

"On Mac I can recommend using KeyRemap4MacBook.
Or PcKeyboardHack which has a slightly different focus. I use both in combination without any problems.

The problem is, there is no out of the box solution built in to Mac OSX so you could assign CAPS LOCK to ESC (which is essential for Vi/Vim). The second problem with other tools is that they don't disable the green LED on the Caps-Lock Key.

PcKeyboardHack is related to the ESC-mapping, but every mapping is possible.
KeyRemap4MacBook directly allows to map to a different function key. For sure every mapping you like is possible So for example on Mac I have mapped the right ⌘-Key to ctrl (what comes in handy when you are accustomed to eclipse-like autocompletion on Windows)"