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Recommendation for good cost/benefit vga for Windows Areo [closed]

Recommendation for good cost/benefit vga for Windows Areo [closed]

I want to buy a PCI express card for my PC. All Windows experience scores are good, but the onboard VGA got 1.0 in Vista experience for Aero. I've looked in the listing o video cards, and it's enormous with great price variations and models. I would like a good car to show Aero effects (like transparent windows, etc).

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"Any video card that is marketed as a DirectX 9 or DirectX 10 compatible card will be able to run Aero without any problems.

Microsoft recommends the following for the graphics card on a Vista Premium Ready PC:

A DirectX 9 compatible graphics
processor with a Windows Display
Driver Model (WDDM) driver, Pixel
shader 2.0 in hardware, and a minimum
of 128 MB of Video RAM

You can choose a graphics card from the Vista hardware compatibility list."
Guest [Entry]

"If you don't play games, just buy something around the bottom of the pile. nVidia GeForce 8400 or similar.

In Australia they're about $60 so in the U.S.of.A they're probably about $3. I see you're in Brazil however so I don't quite know how that will affect local pricing!"