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Registry setting to allow more open IE windows without exhausting Windows resources?

Registry setting to allow more open IE windows without exhausting Windows resources?

Windows seems to have a limit of how many windows it can have open at once-- and IE seems to be the worst culprit. When the limit is exceeded (e.g. 60 IE windows open at once), I get really odd behavior like a gray blinking screen with random chunks of the IE user interface showing up in random spots on the screen. Once I close a few IE windows (with Alt+F4 since I wouldn't know where to click with the mouse) the problem goes away.

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Guest [Entry]

"Two articles seem to offer solutions to your problem:

1: Increasing the maximum windows? says:

Open Regedit & go to:
hkey_local_machine > system > currentconrolset > control > sessionmanager > subsystems Open up
the Windows string --- there is text
in there that includes
SharedSection=1024,3072,512 If you
change that to
SharedSection=1024,4096,512 then you
will be able to open up more windows.

In my vista the value is actually 1024,12288,512, so I'm a bit skeptical about this advice.

A second and perhaps better article is:

2: Desktop Heap Overview which says :

Every desktop object has a single
desktop heap associated with it. The
desktop heap stores certain user
interface objects, such as windows,
menus, and hooks. When an application
requires a user interface object,
functions within user32.dll are called
to allocate those objects.
Session view space for a given session
can become fully utilized, so it is
impossible for a new desktop heap to
be created.

The article goes on and describes how to diagnose the problem using a free tool, and how to increase this space by adjusting the registry entry of
KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management"