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Reliable backup software for windows network/samba shares [closed]

Reliable backup software for windows network/samba shares [closed]

I have a Win2003 server that works as a pdc for a number of XP boxes, and a couple related FreeBSD boxes.

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"Very good solutions presented, thanks!

I've looked into all of them, but finally ended up SyncBackPro (http://www.2brightsparks.com/syncback/sbpro.html), which is exactly what I'm looking for, and has fixes for all the things that went wrong with the others. Particularly, the ability to rescan the source and destination and rebuild the index based on the actual files quickly and easily.

So far, it's working flawlessly. I had to tweak it a bit to work around some network issues, locked file issues, etc, but once that was done, it is head and shoulders above the others I've used, and seems very stable."
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"I'd recommend that you give Bacula a look. It's a bit testy to get configured and up and running smoothly, but once done it just takes care of itself. This was a scenario in which the backup server was on FreeBSD and it was backing up other FreeBSD machines and Windows clients.

The Windows Bacula client has a mechanism (the name of which escapes me, at the moment) for taking a snapshot of open files, so it can take a backup of things like Outlook PST files that are held open on the clients.

In any case, you should investigate an option that supports a native FreeBSD client (such as Arkeia), so you can take advantage of compression. Backing up over Samba shares seems horribly inefficient."