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Remapping Keys for the Mac

Remapping Keys for the Mac

I have a Windows keyboard I'm using with my Mac (Leopard), and I want to swap some keys (mainly the Ctrl, Alt, and Win keys). Is it possible?

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Guest [Entry]

"Try DoubleCommand.

DoubleCommand is software for Mac OS X (a kernel extension) that lets
you remap keys, in other words change the way your keyboard works.
Often used to make a PC keyboard more comfortable with a Mac, swapping
the Alt (Option) and Windows (Command or Apple) keys, since they are
in swapped positions on Mac and PC keyboards. DoubleCommand is a quick
and easy way to fix this if you use a PC keyboard with your Mac."
Guest [Entry]

Check out http://pqrsdotorg/macosx/keyremap4macbook/. It's got what you want and much more.