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Remote Desktop Client in Windows 7 Full Screen Issue

Remote Desktop Client in Windows 7 Full Screen Issue

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium on a new laptop and I'm having one of the most annoying issues with the RDP client (mstsc.exe). If I restore the full screen RDP window, I lose the ability to go back to full screen. The only way I can get it back is by running a new instance of mstsc, setting the option back to full screen, and connecting again.

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Guest [Entry]

"That's weird, it works fine for me here (Windows 7 Ult. 32-bit).

Ctrl+Alt+Pause should toggle the RDP client in and out of full-screen as well. Does that work for you?

It's also possible for the server-side to have a maximum allowable resolution set. Although I would expect that wouldn't allow the full-screen in the first place, it may be worth looking into.

Perhaps test with another RDP server, if available?"
Guest [Entry]

"Here are the steps you should follow:

Start ""Remote Desktop Connection"".
Click on ""Options"".
Click on the ""Display"" tab.
On ""Display configuation"" settings, you can change the ""Remote Desktop Connection"" display by moving the slider from ""Small to Large"".
By moving the ""Slider"" all the way to large, the display settings will automatically set to ""Full Screen""."