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Remote Desktop Manager for Windows XP

Remote Desktop Manager for Windows XP

In my work environment I have to connect to 3 or 4 machines simultaneously via windows native remote desktop. I have to spend a lot of time in switching between the different client windows. Is there a better way to manage multiple simultaneous connections? I am looking for a freeware tool as I cannot convince my management to buy a tool just for my needs.

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What about VNC? Looks like they have a free edition on the site.
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Since VNC was mentioned, I want to mention UltraVNC which is FOSS.
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If you have a Windows 2003 Server, install the AdminPak.MSI file - this includes most if not all of the administrative tools available on the server. One of them is "Remote Desktops" - which is an MMC console that lists all systems and can be connected to multiple systems at the same time. There may be other apps (some of them could be recommended by others) but this is a free utility that can put all connections in a central location.
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"personally i use royalTS, but there is another option if you don't want to install software on your PC. There is a remote desktops MMC snap-in which does the same thing.

File->Add/Remove Snapin
Click Add
Select 'remote desktops', click add, click close
Click OK

or altenatively

Right click on 'remote desktops' in tree view on the left
select add new connection
you can figure the rest out from there :-)"