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Remote desktop pressing Windows key randomly

Remote desktop pressing Windows key randomly

When I'm using remote desktop at work from one specific PC it has a quirk which is really quite irritating.

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Guest [Entry]

"There's a question about a similar problem on technet (subject: Windows Key ""stuck""). Details below:

If you are using Win Key + L to lock
your desktop, this is a known issue.
We have completed work on a fix that
should prevent the problem in the
future; to my knowledge it is due to
be released with Vista SP1.

The bug arises most frequently when
you use Win+L to lock your desktop
while the Remote Desktop window has
focus. It is caused by a
synchronization issue between client
and server that only arises on a
subset of machines, possibly due to a
driver or 3rd party software conflict
that messes up the timing of the
Remote Desktop client. There are a
few ways to avoid this:

Don't use Win+L to lock your local desktop. Either lock your machine
through the start menu or, if your
machine is configured for it,
Ctrl-Alt-Del and select Lock Desktop.
Make sure a different window has focus before locking your desktop.

If you have already encountered the
problem, the ""workaround"" is much as
you described:

Remove focus from the Remote Desktop window, by selecting another
window on your machine, or minimizing
and clicking the desktop of the local
Strike the Ctrl key 6-12 times. You mentioned the win key which probably
works as well, but if you have somehow
encountered this error on a machine
that doesn't have a Win key, Ctrl
should work as well.
Go back to the Remote Desktop window; the problem should be

Apparently there is a fix in Windows XP Sp3."
Guest [Entry]

"I think I found this happened to me if I locked my computer (using Flag+L) whilst the RDP session had focus. I think RDP stopped the remote computer locking as well in response to this key combination, but ""remembered"" that the Flag key was pressed, almost as though the key was being held down.

I found a really quick fix was to ensure the RDP session had focus and just hit the Flag key on my keyboard when things started going crazy. This usually fixed it for me."
Guest [Entry]

"This is a Windows Known Compatibility Error, and it will occur each time you Windows-Key Lock your machine. The quickest solution to resolve these crazy function keys being locked is – as @Barfoon recommended – Start → Run → osk (it's the on-screen keyboard utility).

Click the Windows key, and then click it again to disable it.

This resets the error and keys function as normal once again."
Guest [Entry]

"One trick I have found to fixing this issue is going to Start --> Run --> osk
(its the on-screen keyboard utility), clicking the windows key, and then clicking it again to disable it."
Guest [Entry]

"You can simply go to your
Remote Desktop login screen.

ANd press flag+l key

this will lock your current machine.
Now go and check it on remote desktop.

My issue got resovled this way."