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Remove new tab with most visited websites in Firefox

Remove new tab with most visited websites in Firefox

When I open a new tab in Firefox, my most visited sites appear in a grid. How do I get rid of this? Not that I'm trying to hide anything :). It's just that having Facebook keep popping up all the time. It is distracting me from my work.

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Guest [Entry]

"Enable or disable the Google new tab page

Click the Toolbar's wrench icon.

On the Search tab, select (or deselect) the 'Enable the Google new tab page' checkbox.
Click Save.

Google Help Article With Video"
Guest [Entry]

"This isn't normal behavior. You should be getting a blank page.

It's most probably an add-on that you have installed, maybe New Tab King.

Find the add-on and disable it to get rid of this behavior."
Guest [Entry]

"Here's how to remove the New Tab King extension from Firefox:

Click on the Firefox menu and select ""Add-ons""
Click on ""Extensions"", then find New Tab King in the list and click on ""Remove""

You will be sent to a page asking you why you are removing the extension. Feel free to ignore it."