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Remove "Open with GIMP" from context menu?

Remove "Open with GIMP" from context menu?

I recently uninstalled GIMP on my Vista laptop, but there is still an Open with GIMP option on the context menu for most image file types, like JPEG and PNG. Clicking this option results in an error dialog.

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"You can use Crap Cleaner (CCleaner) to deal with it or edit the registry for HKLM_Classes and look for the .JPG, .PNG, .BMP, there's a key in there for Open, I have given jpegfile as an example, do the same for .PNG and so on... HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jpegfile\shell\Open with GIMP (Backup your registry before doing this..)

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"Open regedit.

back up registry first (to be safe) by selecting export and ticking ALL.

go to EDIT then use Find to look for all instances with ""Open with GIMP""

once found, delete it then use Find next (F3) for the next one."