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Remove Quicktime from Firefox

Remove Quicktime from Firefox

No matter what I try, the Quicktime plugin in Firefox on Vista will not go away. I have deleted all of the plugin files in "Mozilla Firefox/plugins" as well as unistalling the program itself and deleting the junk still left behind in Program Files.

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Guest [Entry]

"How to Remove a Quicktime Plugin on Firefox

Click on the ""Tools"" menu in Firefox and select ""Add-ons"" to temporarily disable the QuickTime plugin without fully uninstalling it. Select ""QuickTime Plugin."" Click the button to the right of the selection labeled ""Disable."" The plugin can be enabled with another click.
Type ""about:config"" in the browser's location bar and hit ""Enter"" to manually remove the Quicktime plugin from within Firefox. Depending on your system's configuration, a button may pop up that reads ""I'll be careful, I promise!"" Click the button to confirm.
Search for or scroll down to ""plugin.expose_full_path."" Double-click on the value ""false"" to the right of ""plugin.expose_full_path"" to change it to ""true.""
Type ""about:plugins"" in the browser's location bar and hit ""Enter."" Scroll down the list to QuickTime. There will likely be several QuitckTime plugins listed.
Note the file listed next to each QuickTime plugin on the list. For example, the listing may be ""C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npqtplugin2.dll.""
Navigate in Windows Explorer to each of the QuickTime plugin files you noted in Step 5. Delete or change each file name. For example, you can change ""npqtplugin2.dll"" to ""XXnpqtplugin2.dll.""
Close the Explorer or Finder windows and restart Firefox. The QuickTime plugin should now be uninstalled.


only if Quicktime has been thoroughly removed yo may be able to use QTA or QTL as a browser plugin."
Guest [Entry]

"This solution removes the QuickTime player from the system including firefox. It does not remove the codecs and other required files for playing QuickTime files. If you are using QuickTime Player outside firefox then this solution is not for you.

Most preferably do this with firefox closed.

Go to Control Panel and find ""programs and features"".
Find QuickTime and then press the button ""Change"" on top of the list
From the QuickTime installation window select ""Modify""
Then go to QuickTime Player and press the button on the left and select ""Entire feature will be unavailable""
Press change and in a few seconds you are ready to go."