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removing the .local in local network name serving

removing the .local in local network name serving

I have several local machines; I use a OSX 10.6 machine to do most of the serving. Annoyingly, it postfixes its network name with .local.

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"You would need to set up a DNS nameserver and configure your machines to look to it.

Software like PowerDNS should do the trick.

You will then need to configure PowerDNS to point to an upstream DNS resolver for queries outside of your LAN.

Finally, you will need to configure your hosts to look to your DNS server.

If your machines have static addresses, then set their primary DNS address to the address of your DNS server.
If your machines are assigned IP addresses via DHCP, just configure the DHCP server to hand out the address of your DNS server as the primary DNS addresses for your machines. Then expire their addresses so every machines gets a new address, and gets the new DNS information."
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"What router / DNS server do you have running on your network?

The .local is for Zero Configuration aka Bonjour networking. My macintoshes at home are accessible, with and without the "".local"". It's equivalent to having a extra cname, or host entry...

How are you trying to access the Macintosh? What OS, and what application?

You shouldn't have to remove the .local...."