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Replace dual-XP installs with single-XP install and repartition drive?

Replace dual-XP installs with single-XP install and repartition drive?

I have a hard drive that currently is split up like so:

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"I would be wary of moving an XP install from a logical partition to a primary one, and I would also be wary of having no C: drive - so a new install may be a better idea than moving stuff around.

Back up everything.

Copy all your Polish data (data on the Polish install, I mean) onto your (old) English install.

Install (new) English XP on the Polish partition - just choose this partition in the install process. (You may have to delete the partition and create a new one - it is a while since I installed XP)

Copy your old English data (including Polish stuff) to the new English install.

In disk management, delete the 40GB and 6GB partitions, and the extended partition that contained them; then you can expand the new install into the free space (I'm reasonably sure that disk management lets you do this.)"
Guest [Entry]

"Okay, first, backup EVERYTHING! Second, you'll need the following things: Some sort of Partition Manager Live-CD (SystemRescueCD, GParted-LiveCD f.e.), the Windows XP Pro CD.

Step By Step:

Defrag your D Partition
Boot into the LiveCD

Delete the primary Partition
Move the second Partition out of the Extended Partition
Delete the Extended Partition
Resize the (now only one) Partition
Set the boot Attribute

Reboot and see if Windows comes up, if not

Boot with the Windows XP Pro Install CD
On the Selection Screen press R to drop to the Repair Console
Type fixmbr and hit Enter

You're done. And one more time, back up first! Oh, and maybe you'll need to remove the Windows Boot-Loader...but I've never used that cr...neat piece of Software so I can'T help you on that, sorry."