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Repurposing very old hardware (Apple ][ era) [closed]

Repurposing very old hardware (Apple ][ era) [closed]

"I still have my very first computer - an Apple ][ I was given back in grade school. Once I fix the drive cables and clean it up a bit, what could I reasonably use it for?

Obviously the stacks of 5¼"" floppies might provide some entertainment and distraction as I go through them, but after that...? I've heard of people using them as email systems and dumb terminals, what else might a geek like me do with my first love?

I hope it's still running when I have kids. I'd love to teach them programming using Robot Odyssey"

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Guest [Entry]

"You could attempt to build a web server, that seems to be a very common project with very old systems. The third link I posted is a site hosted off one. You could also set up all your old favorite games to play. There are lots of resources out there of old computer projects.

Here are some resources to give you some ideas:

Guest [Entry]

"I used a Cambridge Z88 as a serial console for my Linux PC for a few years, it was actually quite handy as such because with a long enough serial cable I could carry it around my room as I looked at books, made coffee or got back into bed. The Apple ][ obviously isn't so portable but can easily be used as a conversation-piece console.

The other option is to actually use it as an Apple ][. You mention teaching your kids programming, well how about seeing if you can get your favorite app to run in those 4Kb? I’m quite tempted to try a GTD app for the Z88 now."