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Reset SSH password on DroboShare

Reset SSH password on DroboShare

Today, I started toying around with installing DroboApps on my DroboShare.

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"When cleaning my desk (that Drobo collects a lot of dust, just by sitting there for a year), I found a little hole on the back of the DroboShare.

It turns out that there is a hardware reset button on the DroboShare. By using a straightened paperclip you can reset it to the factory defaults without deleting any data on the actual Drobo.

Here's a quote from the ""How do I reset DroboShare back to default settings"" question in the Drobo Knowlege Base (in case the original goes down):

If possible, first put Drobo into standby mode.

Power down DroboShare:
Disconnect the Ethernet cable
Wait one minute
Disconnect the power cable of DroboShare only. Be sure not to disconnect the power to Drobo.
Locate the small hole approximately 1"" to the left of the DroboShare Ethernet port. It is the hole for the reset switch.
Insert a straightened paper clip into the hole and depress the reset switch inside.
Hold the reset switch depressed while simultaneously connecting power back to DroboShare. Keep it depressed until the power light on Drobo is solid green (not blinking) and its drive lights are solid green.
Release the paper clip and disconnect DroboShare's power cable again.
Power up DroboShare:
Connect the Ethernet cable.
Connect the data cable (if it was disconnected).
Connect the power cable back to DroboShare.
Wait at least 2 minutes for it to mount."
Guest [Entry]

You must reset your DroboShare to default settings, but this operation delete all your data!