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Reset start and stop times for songs in iTunes

Reset start and stop times for songs in iTunes

For some reason some of songs in my iTunes library have the start and stop time set so the entire song is not played. I tried selecting my entire library and then "Get Info", but the "Multiple Item Information" box does not allow me to change the start/stop lengths for more than one song at a time.

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If you're on a Mac, try this AppleScript: Reset Tracks Start-Stop.
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"If you don't mind losing your playcounts and ratings, you can recreate your iTunes library from scratch.

Quit iTunes.
Drag the ""iTunes Music Library.xml"" file to the desktop. If you are using iTunes on Windows, delete the file ""iTunes Library.itl"". Both of these can be found in your iTunes folder.
Start iTunes.
Drag the folder ""iTunes Music"", also in your iTunes folder, into the iTunes window."