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Running Application Does Not Show Up In Dock

Running Application Does Not Show Up In Dock

I notice that my running applications on Mac OS X (10.5) do not show up in Dock? Even when I have icon for the application in the Dock, it does not show the 'blue highlight' when I click the application to launch the application.

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Guest [Entry]

"I found a solution to the same problem here:

Restart your OS X Dock from the Terminal

Open Terminal.app from /Applications/Utilities/Terminal
Type the command: ""ps -auxww | grep Dock"", then press the Enter key. You should see a listing similar to this (note, I’ve had to wrap the longer lines):

$ ps -auxww | grep Dock
wkw 7563 0.0 1.0 149188 10112 ?? S
5:42PM 0:05.46 /System/Library/…/Dock -psn_0_128188417

You want to locate the Process ID for the Dock, that’s the first number you see reading from left to right (the number underlined above). My Dock’s PID is 7563. Now substitute your Dock’s PID into the command in the next step (where it says your_pid). We will now terminate that process with the kill Unix command.
Type into Terminal, ""kill -HUP your_pid"" and press the Enter key."