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Running Windows Vista Image on Windows Server 2003

Running Windows Vista Image on Windows Server 2003

I am planning to run a Windows Vista image on Windows Server 2003. From what I know, the VmWorstation on Windows Server 2003 doesn't support Windows Vista. Any idea on this?

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Guest [Entry]

"Vmware Workstation can run pretty much anything that you can on a standard x86 or x64 based machine.

The out of the box templates that are available tell it extra features such as: if it supports virtual SCSI drives instead of IDE, what version of tools to install, USB compatibility etc.

Even if you do not see the operating system you want, the chances are, you can still run it. On the very few that won't, if you Google enough, you will find a guide that tells you how to by manually editing a VMX file.

That being said, if you cannot see Vista, just select XP - I am sure it will work fine."