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Safemode Startup Issues on Vista 64 Bit

Safemode Startup Issues on Vista 64 Bit

Before i ask the question, let me point out that this is not a hardware issue. I have a clean install of vista on another hd that runs on same hardware, i am pretty sure its a corruption of a drive or a file, i presume it might be video driver.

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Guest [Entry]

"If disk checks seem to be making it worse, and it seems things are working in slow-mo (like the watermarks showing up) if they do work, then it sounds like a failing drive.

Go to the drive manufacturer's website and get a bootable set of diagnostics and use them to test the drive.

Most manufacturers' diagnostic tools have both 'quick' and 'extended' type tests. The Quick tests are mainly testing drive operations like head positioning, cache checks, and disk spin (etc.). If the quick tests detect a problem they will either fail outright and tell you to replace the drive, or say the error is 'repairable' and offer to run the extended tests to attempt the repair.

The Extended tests that can fix problems do a surface scan and remap bad sectors to spare areas on the drive (amongst other things).

A potential problem is that the extended tests generally don't try to resurrect the data before remapping. So if the quick test tells you there's a 'repairable' problem, and you want to keep as much data as possible, then I'd say check out Spinrite and perhaps run that to attempt to resurrect the data from any bad blocks before going back and using the manufacturer's tool to 'repair' the drive.

That's my best suggestion based on what I can 'see'. ;)"