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Screen won't turn on, but everything else seems fine.

Screen won't turn on, but everything else seems fine.

Some background info: I have a Lenovo Y50, I believe it's the y50-70 variant, but I'm not 100% sure. It's a 15.6inch with an i7, 16gb ram, sata drive, and an Nvidia 860m with 4gb of graphics. It was purchased in September of 2014, so it's a fairly early model of the y50. it's a bit beat up, but hasn't had any major functional issues to this point.

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"Hi @zman0956

What is the make and model number of the laptop if not a Lenovo Y50-70?

Create a Win 10 battery report to check on the status of the battery.

Compare the Design Capacity value versus the Full Charge Capacity value.

This is just to eliminate the battery as the problem"
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It turned out to be an issue with some motherboard connectors. I took the laptop to a Lenovo service center to have the motherboard replaced, but that model had been discontinued so they had to replace it for a refurbished board. The laptop worked fine afterwards, but I ended up selling it and buying a new one, just to be safe.