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Secure setup of home wireless network

Secure setup of home wireless network

How to configure home wireless network to ensure that it is sufficiently secured and at the same time its usability is not restricted.

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Guest [Entry]

"Under the assumption that you do NOT intend to use an encryption scheme (WEP or WPA):

Turn off SSID discoverability on the router
Change the default router name to something unique to you (your SSID)
Use MAC address filtering (see note below)

Additionaly, if you know the MAC addresses of all the computers you intend to allow on the network, you can enable MAC filtering and only allow those computers to connect to your router.

If, however, using WEP and WPA is an option for you, WPA is the preferred encryption scheme, but there are multiple versions. Which scheme you can use will depend on your router.

I would still, personally, disable SSID discoverability after you initially connect all your devices to your network. I would also change the default SSID on your router. However, I wouldn't bother with MAC filtering if you were going to use WPA encryption.


In response to your recent modifications to your question I would go with the following configuration:

Configure WAP or WEP on your router
Change your default router name to something unique to you (SSID)
Connect all your home devices to your network with SSID discoverability ON
Turn off SSID Discoverability

In the event that you need to connect another device in the future you have two options

Try to connect to the network by specifying the SSID (this is a trivial task for a computer, but not so trivial for something like a cell phone possibly)
If you can't specify the SSID, enable discoverabilitiy again on the router, connect to the network, then disable once discovered."
Guest [Entry]

"I think turning off SSID discoverability is overrated, and conflicts with the ""usability not restricted"" part of the original post. My opinion is that if your router is properly secured, having a discoverable SSID isn't an issue, and usability especially with non-computer devices is much better if you can see the SSID.

In addition to the other suggestions, don't bother with MAC filtering -- it's only good for preventing accidental connections to your access point. Same with WEP; although it is a form of encryption it's trivial to bypass these days."