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Set page orientation to landscape using ps2pdf

Set page orientation to landscape using ps2pdf

Is it possible to set page orientation to landscape using ps2pdf on Windows?

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"See Setting page orientation, where this rather convoluted text seems to say that this is impossible:

By default Ghostscript determines
viewing page orientation based on the
dominant text orientation on the page.
Sometimes, when the page has text in
several orientations or has no text at
all, wrong orientation can be

Acrobat Distiller parameter
AutoRotatePages controls the automatic
orientation selection algorithm. On
Ghostscript, besides input stream,
Distiller parameters can be given as
command line arguments. For instance:
-dAutoRotatePages=/None or /All or /PageByPage.

When there is no text on the page or
automatic page rotation is set to
/None an orientation value from
setpagedevice is used. Valid values
are: 0 (portrait), 3 (landscape), 2
(upside down), and 1 (seascape). The
orientation can be set from the
command line as -c ""<>
setpagedevice"" using Ghostscript
directly but cannot be set in ps2pdf.
See Limitations below.

Ghostscript passes the orientation
values from DSC comments to pdfwrite
driver but they are effectively ignored there. This appears to be
consistent with Distiller 5 behavior."