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Set up a home VPN to allow web browsing from remote network

Set up a home VPN to allow web browsing from remote network

If I set up an XP-based VPN server using the following instructions (I think this is a fairly standard method):

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"I am not sure how well those instructions will work but to me a VPN sounds like a lot of complication. You can easily solve this problem using just a simple SSH server. Lifehacker has a nice guide explaining the steps.

Essentially you set up a ssh tunnel between your Mac laptop and a SSH server at home:

ssh -ND 9999 you@yourserver.com

Then set up your browser to use a local SOCKS proxy server. So in Firefox something like this:

You will still need to pick up your other laptop to act as a server, unless you already have SSH access to a different server, but this should be much simpler to setup than a full out VPN."
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"A slightly different solution to the simple SOCKS proxy is to set up Apache (or whatever) at home and use it as a proxy server. You would also need an SSH server setup at home as well. When you want to use your proxy server, SSH into your home server with a local port forwarded (e.g. 8888). Then set your HTTP proxy server attribute to be http://localhost:8888 in whatever application you want to use it.

The reason to use this approach over the SOCKS approach is that I have found more applications can use an HTTP proxy server rather than a SOCKS proxy server. Your usage may vary, of course, and so the simpler SOCKS proxy may be good enough (and if you really want to stop at just browsing, it probably is good enough)."