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Setting the wallpaper on a corporate laptop

Setting the wallpaper on a corporate laptop

I've a business laptop with some restrictions from IT guys I guess. The thing is, that I'm not able to set my walpaper. I can select Properties on the desktop, then go to Desktop Tab and Browse for wallpapers, but when I select one, it doesn't appear in Background list. What are possible ways to set the wallpaper on Windows XP?

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From your browser, you can right-click an image and choose 'set as background.'
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"I wonder what will happen if you

backup the current wallpaper image from its present location,

rename your wallpaper image same as that earlier wallpaper name
replace the new image file in place of the old one

This is assuming you have write permissions at that location.
Even if this works, you could be violating company policies -- be warned."
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"if it is branded wallpaper means why don't you get approval from your higher authority to deploy that wallpaper ?