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Setting transparency to a picture in Microsoft Word 2007

Setting transparency to a picture in Microsoft Word 2007

In older versions, there was a button in the picture toolbar which I could click, and then select a color on a picture. Then that color would be considered transparent so it wouldn't overlap onto other images n stuff. Is there any function to do that in word 07?

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"Recolor is not the same as adjusting opacity or transparency. It usually is useless for my purposes. This solution works MUCH better:

Making an image faded / transparent in Word 2007:

Select Insert > Shapes
Draw a shape (probably just a basic rectangle) roughly the size you want your image
Right click on your rectangle and chose Format AutoShape
On the Colors and Lines tab, click Fill Effects
Click to the Picture tab
Click Select Picture
Find your picture/logo in your files and double click to insert it
DO NOT check Lock picture aspect ratio, as you won’t be able to resize your picture within your shape. Unfortunately, this means your picture can be stretched, but you’ll adjust that later.
Click OK. Now you’re back at the Colors and Lines tab
Adjust the Transparency up to your desired percentage
Under Line, for Color choose No Color so the borders around your rectangle disappear
Click OK. That’s it! Now resize your image as desired, taking care to make the aspect ratio look correct (not stretched)."