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Setting Up My Home Network

Setting Up My Home Network

I currently have five PCs at home, three running WinXP and two running Ubuntu. They are set up like this:

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After musch hunting for and trying out ideas, I eventually found a simple little utility that allowed me to configure the network the way I wanted - dnsmasq. Also, it was really easy to set up as well.
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"How to configure Ubuntu1 to act as a firewall.

You want IPTables. I use shorewall to make it much easier.

How to configure Ubuntu1 to provide a consistant user authentication across the network, at the moment Samba provides roaming profiles for the XP machines but the Ubuntu2 machine has it's own user lists. I'd like to have a single authentication for both XP machines and linux machines so that users added to the server list will propagate to all PCs (i.e. new users can log on using any PC without modifying any of the client PCs).

You want to have linux control windows logins? I think the only way that can work is with some LDAP propogating to a directory server.... but I'm not positive. Not sure here.

How to configure a linux client (Ubuntu2 above) to access files on the server (Ubuntu1), some of which are in user specific folders, effectively sharing /home/{user} per user (read and write access) and stuff like /home/media/photos with read access for everyone and limited write access.

Samba. This shares home directories:

comment = Your Home Directory
browseable = no
valid users = %S
writable = yes

And you can set up .bashrc to auto-mount a homedirectory upon login. There might be a better way but this gets you halfway there.

How to configure the XP machines (if it is different from a the Samba method).

Configure them to do what?

How to set up e-mail filtering. I'd like to have a whitelist/blacklist system for incoming e-mails for some of the e-mail accounts (mainly, my kids' accounts) with filtered e-mails being put into quaranteen until a sysadmin either adds the sender to a blacklist or whitelist.

I have no idea on this one."