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Should I reinstall Ubuntu?

Should I reinstall Ubuntu?

Almost everyone knows that Ubuntu 9.10 is coming. So I have a question: is it safe to upgrade my current Ubuntu up to version 9.10 via apt-get or it is better to reinstall it from scratch? As I know for Windows it is always better to reinstall from scratch than upgrade it to higher version and get unstable system.

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"I have been updating Ubuntu ever since 6.04. There was always a little bug that got introduced, but it was always possible to find a workaround or a fix.


Don't use apt-get. Use the update manger as recommended.
Don't upgrade as soon as possible. Wait a couple of days (or better yet, weeks) until others have stumbled across the obvious bugs."
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"I don't see what you have to lose from the upgrade. If it doesn't work out well you end up reinstalling, so why not give the upgrade a try?

I will say that I've never had to reinstall a *nix. I haven't tried a major Ubuntu upgrade but every other *nix seems to upgrade in-place just fine. I'm running Ubuntu right now and it seems as good as the others..."
Guest [Entry]

"Simple; don't use 9.10 at all on any notebook.

Example: Fresh installs on Acer, HP, and Clevo.

Weak and intermittent sound.

Restricted driver issues.

Boot problems galore. Black screen of death on new Clevo.

Kiba-Dock_0.1-1.2_i386.deb works fine with all other previous releases but karmic turns it to mush.

Video grainy and cuts stream off.

Go back to Jaunty, Ibex, or Hardy.