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Should I remove my laptop battery? [duplicate]

Should I remove my laptop battery? [duplicate]

I keep my Thinkpad T60 laptop plugged in all the time. Should I remove my battery or if not, should I drain it occassionally?

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Guest [Entry]

"No - you can leave it in.

People who think it should be removed, or people who advise it are usually thinking about the ""Memory Effect"". NiCd (Nickel-cadmium) batteries were affected by this, however new Li-ion (Lithium-ion) are not affected.

On some laptops, (especially ""green"" laptops with specialised power chips) you will get poor performance with the battery removed as it under-performs. For example MacBook Performance Plunges When Battery Removed.

Any intelligent laptop from the past few years should be intelligent to discharge and rotate frequently meaning that you do not need to manually drain it. For example, my laptop is plugged in (usually) 24x7, and every 24-48 or so hours, it drops to 95% and recharges.

Lastly, One bonus of having a laptop is that you get a ""free"" UPS! of course, if you have a separate UPS, forget this point, but if there is a power cut, you may be happy that you left it in."
Guest [Entry]

"This may perhaps be considered old school thinking. Each battery has a maximum charge and discharge cycle. Even with a smart battery, the battery will be subjected to this charge and discharge cycle when plugged in. What do you think will happen when this limit is achieved?
Also, consider Johannes Rossel's point about capacity loss due to heat. Again, with newer designs, the high heat components are kept further away or more insulated from the battery portion, but even then there is an additional heat source for the battery."