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Should the folders in a solution match the namespace?

Should the folders in a solution match the namespace?

"Should the folders in a solution match the namespace?

In one of my teams projects, we have a class library that has many sub-folders in the project.

Project Name and Namespace: MyCompany.Project.Section.

Within this project, there are several folders that match the namespace section:

Folder Vehicles has classes in the MyCompany.Project.Section.Vehicles namespace
Folder Clothing has classes in theMyCompany.Project.Section.Clothing namespace

Inside this same project, is another rogue folder

Folder BusinessObjects has classes in the MyCompany.Project.Section namespace

There are a few cases like this where folders are made for ""organizational convenience"".

My question is: What's the standard? In class libraries do the folders usually match the namespace structure or is it a mixed bag?"

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"Also, note that if you use the built-in templates to add classes to a folder, it will by default be put in a namespace that reflects the folder hierarchy.

The classes will be easier to find and that alone should be reasons good enough.

The rules we follow are:

Project/assembly name is the same as the root namespace, except for the .dll ending
Only exception to the above rule is a project with a .Core ending, the .Core is stripped off
Folders equals namespaces
One type per file (class, struct, enum, delegate, etc.) makes it easy to find the right file"