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Simple MOLAP solution

Simple MOLAP solution

"To analyze lots of text logs I did some hackery that looks like this:

Locally import logs into Access
Reprocess Cube link to previous mdb in Analisis Service 2000 (yes it is 2k)
Use Excel to visualize Cube (it is not big - up to milions raw entries)

My hackery is a succes and more people are demanding an access to my Tool. As you see I see more automating and easier deployment.

Do you now some tools/libraries that would give me the same but with easier deployment?
Kind of embedded OLAP service?

Edit: I heard of Mondrian but we don't do much with Java. Have you seen something similiar done for .Net/Win32 ? Comercial is also OK."

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You could also try the other free open source OLAP server, PALO from Jedox (www.palo.net)
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I'm not completely familiar with the implications of Step 2 in your approach above, but if you're looking for a more robust OLAP solution, it might be worth your while to check out Mondrian, the open-source OLAP / Analysis services module of Pentaho.
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I dont think that Mondrian is better than SSAS but I do know that its free and you independently distribute it. It uses XMLA and its cube definition XML file is almost the same as SSAS.
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SQl 2K is fine. Stick the cube on a server everyone can see on the network, and tell em to use Excel to connect to it.