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Site will open in browser, but ping times out

Site will open in browser, but ping times out

I am trying to ping a certain domain (specifically, www.teamindustrialservices.com) but the request times out.

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Guest [Entry]

"The ICMP ping port is most likely closed either at your end or their end, which is a very standard thing to do. If you are trying to use PING to resolve a name, I'd rather use the nslookup command instead. There is no reason to ping sites today, to see whether they are responding, except on your own local network.

Usually, servers on the internet will have only opened the ports that are required to do their business, such as 80 and 443 for HTTP and HTTPS, as well as 25 for email. There may be others, of course such as ftp(20-21) and SSH (22), but those are the standard ones.

In the same way, organizations will only open ports that the internal users need to perform business on the internet, and the same ports are usually the ones always opened. On top of that, they may restrict where they can go out, to avoid wasting bandwidth."