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skype + 2 headsets on one computer

skype + 2 headsets on one computer

"I want to make this work:
- 1 computer
- 1 skype account
- 2 headsets (for 2 people)"

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Guest [Entry]

"rzlines' answer is, electrically, kind of weird. It may work, but I would guess it's because the headsets are identical and you're not talking over each other. The audio quality is almost certainly degraded, however. See this article on why using a Y-splitter backwards is bad.

If you use this kind of ""Y-adapter"" to combine two line level audio signal you are effectively shorting two equipment output to each other. Audio equipments are not designed for this.

The ""right way"" to do this would be to use a tiny little mixer to mix your microphone signals before going to the input of your sound card (or build the project described in the article referenced above).

However, what I would recommend in your situation is to simply split your headphone output and use a simple desktop microphone to pick up both of your voices. When you think about typical conference-calling systems in company boardrooms, they're usually just using an omnidirectional condenser in the middle of the table."