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Sound card / microphone impedance mismatch

Sound card / microphone impedance mismatch

First of all I'm not completely sure this is impedance mismatch, but from what I found on the Internet I believe it is. It seems to be a common problem. The question is not as much about solving the problem as about why it is happening (if I'm right about the cause of the problem, of course).

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"Most consumer grade computer audio gear is really bad. Creative, in particular, has a terrible reputation for sound quality. If the mic / soundcard combo is capable of reproducing understandable speech, consider yourself lucky. This is a common problem, especially with integrated mic / headsets.

It is not hard to standardize on impedance, but it is more expensive to maintain the quality control needed to meet that standard. Consumers have spoken with their dollars. Unfortunately, whatever they said is unintelligible, because they don't care about sound quality nearly as much as price."