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Speakers silent, headphones work in Ubuntu 9.04

Speakers silent, headphones work in Ubuntu 9.04

I'm running Ubuntu 9.04. Worked fine for months, then I rebooted yesterday after weeks of continuous operation. Now audio won't play through the speakers. The USB headset works fine, but the Conexant audio (CX20549) does not. Weirdly, it thinks it's playing. pavumeter shows appropriate levels, volume looks OK in alsamixer, but no sound.

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Guest [Entry]

"Audio using PulseAudio is very buggy by default in 9.04. It is improved in 9.10, but there are still issues.

You can try to solve it following this recommendations: http://ubuntuforumsdotorg/showthread.php?t=843012.

Also, it is worth considering Kubuntu, which doesn't use PulseAudio by default (this is true for the latest versions of Kubuntu)."