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Speed up a laptop with an additional device?

Speed up a laptop with an additional device?

"I'm just curious what do you think about a suplimentary device that would increase a laptop's speed.
I using my laptop both at university and at home. At home I would need more horse power for my laptop although not that much like I would need a desktop. Is there any supplimentary device that could turn my laptop into a more powerful machine? For example a desktop computer can be speed up if it will be joined with other computer via very fast network. This is how clusters a build. Would it be possible to make the same with a laptop."

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"No, is the basic answer.

More RAM might help if it doesn't already have plenty.

One of those cooling desk mounts might make a difference if it is slow due to throttling its CPU and/or GPU under high load in order to avoid overheating.

Replacing the disk drive with something faster might make a difference if that is your main bottle-neck.

You could try overclocking the CPU if such a thing is possible with your laptop model, but I'd strongly recommend against that even if it is possible.

Without more detail (make/model/spec of laptop, what is running slower than you'd like, ...) it is not possible to give more a specific answer."
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Such a device does not exist to my knowledge. You can upgrade the memory which is pretty easy and inexpensive and try booting your operating system of a USB Disk which will improve your read and write speeds.
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Depends on your work load. Your idea of making a sort of cluster is useful if your workload fits that kind of work. For example, with distcc you can spread your software compilation on several networked machines. Obviously, this only helps if you do a lot of code compilation.
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"Upgrade the ram to atleast 2GB.
You can also Upgrade the proccessor and Harddrive. Get a faster harddrive which while allow you to read/write files quickly. Also try using windows readyboost with a flashdrive.
I'm running windows 7 on my lappie and it is very fast"
Guest [Entry]

"+1 for using a SD card or USB drive as a ReadyBoost Drive.

Once you have hit the max for onboard RAM the ReadyBoost drive is the best solution.

I like to use CCleaner or Glary Utilities to reduce the number of programs that load up each time you start your machine. So many programs load themselves in there whether you actually need them or not."