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SSD corrupt and making a clicking sound

SSD corrupt and making a clicking sound

My WD SSD Passport 1 TB is no longer accessible its not showing up, its no longer initialised when I try to it shows fatal error and its making a clicking noise on start up (weird as it is a SSD ) I have tried all kinds of scan tools and I have tried Kali but that just showed " /on " not supported error I have nearly 400 GB of data on it Please help

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"Ticking is often a sign of an overload condition that causes the power supply to turn off, restart, then turn off again. The small capacitor appears to be part of the main feedback path for regulation. The entire circuit can miss operate if there is a problem with that capacitor if it is in the feedback path

I have a portable SSD drive and it recently failed. It now makes a clicking sound (about 18 times) when provided power.

SSD drives are very fragile when it comes to power spikes and sudden power loss. They are best suited for use in laptops where the laptops battery protects them from these issues."