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Surface Pro 4 won't turn on at all after battery replacement

Surface Pro 4 won't turn on at all after battery replacement

Hey! So I followed the guide here on iFixit to replace my battery. Unfortunately now my Surface Pro 4 won’t turn on at all (unplugged or plugged in). Nothing happens, not even the fan goes on.

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"Just an update.

I managed to find a genuine battery from a broken surface pro 4 and it works fine.

The new battery is the issue.

Thanks all."
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Hi, did you manage to solve this issue? Having exactly the same problem. Tested the new battery, device actually worked and charged fine. Put everything together a few days later and nothing happens when trying to start it.
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"I think the battery is from China, some vendor sale battery with incompatible control circuit borad on battery.

To make it work you must remove the board from the original battery and replace with the new battery. it is not easy job need skill and soldering gun"
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Surface pro4 can not turn on with battery but it can turn on with charging cable plug in, 99% came from schottky diode was damaged from sparking during install main borad back on place (see photo ) just replace this diode your Pro4 will be OK
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"My original battery replacement attempts failed too. Battery wouldn’t charge.

Turns out that the first battery may not have been a genuine one, as the seller told me he had the same problem with the battery before he listed it on ebay for sale - as new but not used! suffice to say, surprised and not happy, but he gave me a refund.

I then ordered a new battery (claiming to be genuine and compatible) which it looked to be the case when I opened it (same labelling and markings as the original battery within the SP4).

I attempted to change it the first time, and it didn’t detect the battery!

Then I checked very carefully the seating of the battery onto the SP4 chasses - I made sure I lined up the tiny hole on the battery tab with the anchor on the SP4 chassis (not easy and took me a long time, as the tab needs to be very slightly arched up) and made sure all the contact brushes from the PCB above it were aligned precisely and not bent (I noticed they were bent from the original battery removal, which needed some pulling and pushing of the adhesive under the old battery tab).

Anyway, all good after that …"